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In 2025, much of a wholesale distributor's revenue will stem from customer-specific solutions that transform the business and differentiate it from it’s peers in the marketplace. These solutions include value-added services, infinite inventory with secure logistics, project-based collaboration, and automation to refocus employees on higher-value tasks.

New services and business models will provide additional sources of revenue for distributors and will also contribute to customer loyalty and “stickiness.” Distributors can secure their place in the supply chain and position themselves for the future.

To start down this path, distributors will need to optimize their current processes and tailor services to meet their customers’ needs. Providing employees with real-time insight will help increase their efficiency.

With processes running efficiently, distributors will extend their business with new products and services and become more responsive. They will partner with their customers on strategic projects. They will reduce repetitive activities so employees can spend time on tasks that provide value.

This will lead distributors to intelligent technologies that will transform their business. They will use business models that differentiate them in the market, support their customers with real-time responsiveness and project services, and empower employees to focus on their customers’ brand and product experience.

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Distributors of any size face many of the same global challenges, including rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories, and fluctuations in the supply chain.